Clay Gun Extruder

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Clay Gun Extruder

Perfect for creating fine details and unique textures using polymer clay. Works well with Sculpey polymer clay, play dough and ceramic clay.

19 interchangeable discs with a handy storage box

Turn clay into hair strands, grass, ribbons and rope. Thousands of possibilities!

How to use the clay gun:

  • Unscrew the end of the clay gun (nut)
  • Choose one of the 19 discs and insert with the raised size up
  • Firmly screw the end in place onto the barrel
  • Pull out the plunger and insert a piece of rolled and conditioned clay into the barrel. For best results only fill the barrell 2/3 full so the pressure remains even.
  • Using even pressure push the plunger down to extrude the clay through the disk opening giving the desired effect
  • Use a sharp, thin blade to cut the clay from the extruder for best results

How to clean the clay gun:

Method 1:

  • Bake the barrel in the oven at 120c (250F) for 15 minutes
  • Allow to cool and then gently chip out any remaining clay residue

Method 2:

  • Soak the gun and disks in warm soapy water after each use to remove the clay
  • An old toothbrush is perfect for cleaning the inside of the clay barrel


  • Store your discs in the handy storage container in the blister pack
  • mix various colours together to get swirled effects
  • create combinations on thick and think strands to create the effect of hair
  • create clover shapes, triangle shapes and round rope shapes making your polymer creation unique
  • Fill half the barrel with one colour and fill the remainder with another colour to get a multicolored strand


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