Pop Up Polymer Clay Earring Workshop

Example of earrings you can make at pop ups

Are you planning a special event but you need it to be that little bit more epic? Hosting a pop up earring workshop at your next event will have guests buzzing from start to finish.


What do we make?!

Tass and Pom provides all the tools and materials required to make your very own pair of polymer clay earrings. If you are feeling confident for time you may be able to make a second and third pair of earrings. We will provide you with a little box to take your earrings home safely with you... Or you can wear your new earrings straight away! You do you girl!


How long do pop ups run for?

These workshops run for 3 hours which is a great amount of time for your guests to be entertained. Tass and Pom employees will be floating around half an hour before and after the event to set up and pack up.


Where are you at girl?

We come to you! No need to stress about rocking up somewhere at a certain time and getting out a few hours later. We service everywhere in and in between the Blue Mountains and Sydney. 



These intimate workshops have been designed to make your event extra special without the stress of going into hardcore debt. Gross. Prices for pop ups are $50 per person and Tass and Pom requires a minimum of 10 people to participate. We require a $100 deposit to secure your date and final payment needs to be made 1 week before the event.