About me

Howdy ho there!!! My name is Jess and I'm the creative goddess behind Tass & Pom. I have always had a creative heart, one year when I was a kid my mum asked my sister and I what we wanted for Christmas. My sister wanted a nintendo and I wanted pencils. Hahaha best Christmas ever!

I have had an array of creative jobs in my adult life which has ultimately led to my passion of creating jewelry. When I graduated from High School I studied Television Production and was very lucky to work in that industry for a few years. I originally got into that industry because I had big dreams of designing sets for TV shows and movies!... That never happened haha. It was a blessing in disguise when I got made redundant from my first grown up job in that industry. Nonetheless I was still super down in the dumps so I delved into any creative medium to seek happiness. For example I did an upholstery course just to keep my hands busy!

Then one day I decided I needed to up skill again and I came across a Floristry course at TAFE. I actually never cared for flowers, I thought they were stupid, but this course sounded WILDLY creative and I was like "I need that in my life!" Nek minute I'm a qualified florist and I've established a high end wedding flower business out of nothing! I was loving life but I was also sooooooooo exhausted ALL. THE. TIME! I don't do mornings haha! I had to throw in the towel for that business when I fell pregnant with my second baby. I'm still very lucky to work at an amazing florist in the lower Blue Mountains. It helps keep my creative brain fresh!

After my second baby was born, I was craving a creative outlet and I just needed ME time. I needed my hands to create something. So I started out ever so small. I knew I had a random pom pom maker and some yarn in one of my many craft boxes. I started making pom poms while I watched a movie at night. Then I thought I would challenge myself a bit more so I started making wall hangings. They were stunning but took to long to make and you can only make so many wall hangings for your house haha. So I revisited the idea of pom poms and wondered if I could turn them into earrings? Turns out I could! I got excited and started googling pom pom earring and also tassel earrings (the wall hangings gave me the idea for tassels). WOW! I got so much inspiration from many creative people online.

The most inspiring medium I cam across was Polymer Clay. I purchased some bricks of it as soon as I discovered it and delved into the creative world of making jewelry. No regrets! Creating jewelry (wearable art) is honestly the most rewarding creative adventure I have ever been on. Which is why I started this business so that I could start spreading some joyful and creative vibes into the universe!

Thank you for being part of my creative journey xx